Diabetes Power Foods

Although diabetes is not a curable disease it can be managed with medication, diet and exercise. When you think of managing blood sugar, odds are you obsess over everything you can’t have. It is very difficult to cut out foods you have eaten for years, good or bad. Foods that [...]

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The Truth About Gluten

WebMD Feature - By Peter Jaret, Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD More and more groceries and health food stores stock gluten-free products. That’s good news for people with celiac disease, who for health reasons should not eat wheat with gluten. Yet paradoxically, most of the people who reach for gluten-free [...]

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Going Nuts for Peanuts!

When you are in a hurry or just need a little snack to tie you over till dinner consider a healthy handful of peanuts. Peanuts are known by many other local names such as earthnuts, ground nuts, goober peas, monkey nuts, pygmy nuts and pig nuts. Despite its name and [...]

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The Skinny on those Fatty Holiday Treats

With the holiday season in full swing it is easy to find yourself eating all those decadent sweets, treats and salty snacks. Don’t be dazzled by veggies made over with those fatty extras that will be sure to tip the scales. Plan ahead and don’t go hungry and learn to [...]

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Super Foods that Fight the Flu

Mushrooms Known as the “meat” of the vegetable world, mushrooms used to get overlooked as a health food, but they pack a flu fighting punch with selenium, which helps white blood cells produce cytokines that clear sickness, and beta glucan, an antimicrobial type of fiber, which helps activate “superhero” cells [...]

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The Good Fat, the Bad Fat, the Lifestyle Changes

Counting calories, carbs and points can take up a lot of time and make the joy of cooking and eating an unenjoyable task. Always eagerly anticipating the final tally only to be left feeling discouraged and often guilty. Keeping body fat at bay isn't all that hard if you're armed [...]

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Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar

Jonathan Klemens, B.S. Bio, RPh, FAAIM The long-term complications of uncontrolled diabetes are well known – damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels, and other organs. Most of this damage is attributed to chronic elevated blood glucose levels. Type II diabetics and pre-diabetics are aware of these dangers and sometimes [...]

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Herbal Teas Can Help Lower Blood Sugar

In an age of pharmaceuticals we tend to forget that there are things like herbal teas that can help lower blood sugar in a more natural way. Herbal teas are gaining popularity and this could be due to the infusion of Western and Eastern Medicine techniques being blended together more [...]

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Breakfast: It Really is the Most Important Meal of the Day!

Everyone remembers their mother saying “Eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day!” Well she was right for more reasons than one. Skipping breakfast could temporarily induce insulin resistance in overweight women, according to a small new study. The findings are important because chronically experiencing these episodes [...]

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Foiled Again! Fermented Foods and Diabetes

Tangy, tingling, sour -- sometimes that indescribable "fifth taste" known as umami -- foods that have been fermented have unique health benefits, especially for people with diabetes. Fermentation is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. It's what transforms milk into yogurt; cabbage into sauerkraut and the Korean dish [...]

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13 Protein – Packed Plant-Based Foods

The news source addresses the common concern of how to get enough protein in a plant-based diet. In an online article titled Top 13 Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources, ABC listed the myriad health benefits of protein-packed, plant-based superfoods like hemp, edamame, chickpeas, tempeh, beans, and nuts. [Meat, eggs, and [...]

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