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eat healthy. live happy.

Thanks for popping by! My name is Kim, otherwise know as the “cook” behind not-too-sweet.com and I’m married to Paul. Paul is British by birth and became a Canadian citizen in the summer of 2013. We met shortly after college, married in 1997 and have been best friends ever since. We live in Ontario, Canada with our 2 busy teenagers and absolutely insane Boston Terrier Nico.

Paul has always been a healthy individual and has been jogging for the last 15 years. We never eat fast food and generally have always tried to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It was a shock to both of us when Paul was diagnosed as diabetic with no family history that he can think of. Paul was first (mis) diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010 after a standard physical by his physician. His blood work came back showing an A1C of 7.4 and random blood sugar of 9.2mmol/l (166mg/dl).

At first Paul didn’t know what to eat or what a normal blood sugar should be and subsequently lost 22lbs going form 165lbs to 142lbs in only a month.We joined the online forum tudiabetes.org and became friends with many of its members. We learned so much valuable information about carbohydrates, protein, fibre, medications and what foods were diabetic friendly and what to avoid. We started this website to give other newly diagnosed diabetics a place to visit and learn about low carb recipes and food articles. After 6 years we are still learning and Paul now has a proper diagnosis of slow onset Type 1 or LADA. If you stumble across one of our recipes please leave a comment and let us know how it turned out.