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Today, there are more than 30 million North Americans living with diabetes and over 80 million with prediabetes. With about 2 million newly diagnosed each year with the disease, chances are that diabetes affects you or someone you know. Diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) and sometimes fatal disease, in which the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot use the insulin it produces properly. When our bodies produce little or no insulin this leads to high levels of glucose in the blood, this, over time can damage critical organs, blood vessels and nerves. Our bodies require insulin to use glucose as an energy source.

There are a few different types of diabetes: Type 1, LADA, Mody, Type 2, Gestational, and Pre-diabetes.

HealthyDiabetic.ca hopes to inform and educate people about diabetes, how to live and eat well with the disease and how to prevent or slow complications. Check out our healthy recipes and diabetes resources for people living with diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

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