No one could have warned me how attached we would become to our furry little bundle of joy. Those that know us well know how much we adore our fur baby, our precious little Boston Terror, Nico. She came to us on a cold Family Day weekend 3 years ago and its been a whirl wind of excitement ever since.

Paul and I both had dogs as kids. My first dog as a child was called Moses (my dad takes the prize for that name) and ever since then our family had rodents, cats and an assortment of dogs here and there. My hubby always  had Golden Labs growing up, 3 to be exact all called Peaches. Peaches 1, Peaches 2 and Peaches 3, original…..

When we first lived together we had a freakishly large, long haired Ginger cat named Brody but we both wanted  a dog. Once we knew we were going to buy a house we got Chet who was a very sweet and somewhat psychotic German Shep X. Then came Huey a Lhasa Apso rescue, who was merely a breathing stuffed animal, sweet as sugar but truly traumatized before being rescued and adopted by us. After Huey passed we though we would give the whole dog thing a break for a while until one day Paul showed our two kids an adorable picture of a Boston Terrier. Within 3 weeks Nico came bounding into our lives at 9 weeks old and the rest is history.

(yes my friends that is a Nico poop circle!)

We tossed around many names for this little dog and I really liked Posey but was unanimously out voted. Ok so I was a little hurt but I got over it. Now, our family is really into music. We have a huge vinyl and CD collection, always going to concerts and music festivals so we started thinking of musician names we liked. Something that would tie in our love with music and our new found love of this little being that keeps pooping on my floor. We came up with Nico. This was a double name sake, Neko Case an American singer songwriter and Nico a German singer who was best know for singing on the Velvet Underground’s debut album in 1967 and her role in Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls in 1966. (both before my time…just saying)

Nico goes almost every where with us. She’s our partner in crime, our third child and the source of many headaches and laughter. She is extremely smart and when we are out with her we can’t make it more than about a block before people stop us to pat her and ask us questions. She usually preforms well when stopped. She shows off her signature army crawl and snorts. Last summer when we visited Stratford, Ontario a crowd actually formed around her crawling and everyone started clapping like she was a celebrity. Very fitting for a preforming arts city.

Nico is typical Boston. She love to nap (and snore like a truck driver), she runs like the wind and if she is ready to play and we are not she doesn’t take no for an answer. She rarely barks except when the evil mail man comes and of course when we tell her we are not in the mood to play. She is relentless dropping a wide array toys at our feet, jumping on us and nibbling our toes. The only way we win this one is putting her in time out to relax but if we give in her favourite toy, Henrietta the rubber chicken, goes flying around the house.

Summers can be difficult  to take her out for long periods of time due to her being a brachycephalic breed or in plain English “squishy face”. She has the potential to over heat faster than other breeds so if we walk her or take her out to run at the dog park we usually avoid high noon on hot days or pick cooler summer days. When we get to the dog park she runs circles around the other dogs or under them depending on how big they are. If she actually meets her match in speed she usually, stops, drops and barrel rolls out of the path of the in coming dog.

So that’s the Cole’s Notes on our little firecracker Nico. I am sure that anyone of you who loves dogs gets our passion for this fur ball. I can’t imagine our life with out her and hope to share our life with her for years to come. ♡