CONGRATULATIONS! You finished 6 days of hard physical activity and deserve a break today.

We’re always told to stay active and get regular exercise but more isn’t always better. These rest days are just as important as exercise you have done over the last 6 days. Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair. Skipping rest days can lead to over training or burnout.

There are many benefits to rest days such as allowing time for muscle recovery to prevent muscle fatigue. This helps to reduce risk of injury and helps to improve performance. Rest can help you get better sleep by letting your hormones return to a normal, balanced state.

Rest days are not necessarily for being a couch potato all day. Rest days are perfect for meditation, yoga and very light cardio such as a nice walk with your dog or a meandering bike ride. Stretch out sore muscles and drink lots of water.

Take this time to reflect what you have done in the last 6 days. Think about the changes you want to make and plan going forward. Plan your meals, plan your playlist and plan any modifications you might want to make to your exercise routine next week.

Enjoy this little break! Be proud of what you accomplished and get motivated to keep it up! WELL DONE!