For one week I featured some breakfasts that will wake your body up and fuel it with a combination of high protein, low carbs and healthy fats, all of which your body needs to perform. Many of you may not eat breakfast for different reasons such as lack of time, you may feel “sick” eating too early or you just don’t feel like it.


If you eat dinner at 5 or 6pm and you wait till lunch to have your first meal, your body is fasting for more than 12 hours which slows down your metabolism. You could also experience some negative effects of Dawn Phenomenon. Dawn Phenomenon is a normal early-morning rise in glucose (blood sugar) that occurs before or shortly after waking when. Between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m., the body increases the production of certain hormones. These natural body chemicals suppress the activity of insulin, a hormone that transports glucose into cells to use for energy and reduces blood sugar levels. These hormones trigger the liver to release enough glucose to give the body the energy to wake up. People with diabetes either fail to produce insulin or cannot properly use the insulin that is available. As a result, glucose continues to rise to abnormally high levels (hyperglycemia).

My personal breakfast favourite.

This breakfast is an energy powerhouse and we eat it every morning. Chop fresh fruit such as organic strawberries, blueberries, ½ a banana and some apple. Top with a few heaping spoons of plain or vanilla 0% fat Greek yogurt, chopped almonds and walnuts and a little bit of ground flax and chia seed. Greek-style yogurt has more protein than traditional yogurt, and the yogurt, flax/chia and fruit provide all the ingredients for a healthy digestive tract.

Monkey around with this low carb breakfast.

Top a Bakers Deluxe – DREAM BAGEL* (10 net carbs opposed to 54 net carbs in regular bagels) with nut butter and ½ a banana. These foods are not only easily digestible, but can also be effortlessly assembled when you’re in a rush to get out the door.

Mediterranean Morning.

Combine cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, peppers, radishes, avocado, feta cheese and parsley with a light vinaigrette. Pop this in ½ a Pita Gourmet High Protein Pita* (only 10g carbs per ½ pita) with a sliced hard-boiled egg for a colorful way to start your day.

Leftovers are not just for dinner anymore…but I don’t mean cold pizza ;)

Scramble one or two eggs with rice, quinoa or couscous. Add in chopped vegetables, beans and cheese. If you have leftover meat or tofu, chop it up and toss it in. Cook until the eggs are firm. A stick to your ribs kinda breakfast.

Take oatmeal or other multigrain hot cereal and add diced, ½ a banana, 2 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes and a one tablespoon of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. This breakfast is best eaten on a morning when you know you will be active. Some may be sensitive to a rise in blood sugar from the oatmeal. Be sure to test after eating this breakfast and if your spikes go too high or stay elevated too long try experimenting with other whole grains such as brown rice, couscous and quinoa.

Smoothie time!

If you like to drink your breakfast, try this: Add almond milk, 0% fat Greek yogurt, fruit, nut butter, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes, ice and blend until smooth.

Cottage cheese breakfast.

In a bowl, mix cottage cheese with cut fruit (e.g., ½ banana, melon, berries, apples, pears) with one teaspoon of ground flax and or chia seed and one tablespoon of high-fiber cereal such as Fibre One Original. Although it’s similar to my favourite breakfast, this option provides a slightly different flavor and texture.

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