Who would have figured you could use ice cream as an ingredients? Well yes it is true and this opens up the door to all kinds of flavours considering there is literally 100’s of flavours out there. This recipe was adapted from 12 Tomatoes but it is lower carb and I have worked out a few kinks, mainly by melting the ice cream before putting it into the mixture. The end result is a wonderfully dense sweet bread.

Now you have a few options here so listen closely. The original recipe called for all purpose or self rising flour but I used almond flour which is heavier than regular flour so when using almond flour you need to add more raising agent (ie: baking powder)

So, option one which is what I chose, 1 1/4 cup melted ice cream and 1 1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk. Almond milk comes in regular, vanilla, chocolate, sweetened and unsweetened. You may choose to go with 2 cups of melted ice cream which will inevitability increase the sugar and carbs.

Option two, you could choose full fat frozen yogurt or even a dairy free ice cream. I haven’t tried this but I am sure it will take a little trial and error but creamier the better.

Now a major DON’T with this recipe is to use low fat ice cream, no, no, no!!! This will leave you with a dry loaf of prison bread. ICK!

This bread would be equally delightful with chocolate chips or fresh fruit like blueberries gently mixed in.

There are 6.1g net carbs, 5 Weight Watchers Points and 6.6g of protein in one serving.