Although I’m not a vegan myself these are raw vegan and one of my son’s favourite treats. They are gluten free, dairy free and almost guilt free ๐Ÿ™‚

These little gems are easy to make and keep fresh in an air tight container for 10-14 days. These Carob Balls make a nice addition to a party table or wrapped up as a hostess gift. We used almonds in this recipe but you can use any other nuts or even a mixture of a few different nuts.


The nutritional yeast flakes add more protein without flavour. If you prefer, you could use your favourite flavoured protein powder but this could potentially add more carbs so be sure to read your labels!

We are a very sport minded family. My hubby and I run, I play soccer, my daughter is a rugby player (university, municipal and provincial) and my son snowboards. Recently my son has decided to take up rugby which was a big surprise but he’s 6’4″ and as fast as lightening so he makes a perfect wing. He has his first rugby tourney tomorrow so I made these protein packed Carob and Coconut Balls for him to snack on. They are sugar free but one of his favourite treats.