I remember as a kid I would often spend the weekend at my grandparents and my Granma loved to take me to “The Club” for afternoon high tea while my brother hung out with my Grandad and putzed around the garden.

My Granma and I would dress up in our best dresses and she would let me use just a touch of her lipstick. Off to the club we would go for fancy little sanny’s with the crusts cut off and the most fabulous array of desserts a young girl could ever dream of.

Fancy ladies dressed in black would come around and fill our delicate china tea cups with tea but I was only allowed to fill mine half way and the other half with milk. In it I  would plop sugar cubes until the sugar bowl was strategically placed out of reach on the other side of the table. This was not before I was able to slip a few cubes into my pocket (score!). Now a days I have a difficult time even locating refined sugar anywhere in our house but this only seems to be an issue when company comes to visit. …sorry guys!


This tea cake reminds me of those afternoons. A lovely mix of the tart flavour from the blueberries and lemon, dense yet graceful and slightly sweet, this cake brings sophistication to all occasions worthy even of afternoon high tea with Grandma.

There are 12.3g net carbs and 3 Weight Watchers points per slice.