We are definitely creatures of habit. Every morning my darling hubby makes me a delicious breakfast of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts and flax meal. It is filling and full of protein. Sundays however is my day to make breakfast and I figure if he goes to all the effort of chopping and layering I guess I should think outside the box. Its not always about eggs, bacon and homefries and lets face it a boring bowl of muesli won’t cut it either. We need protein, low carb and flavour.


This morning as I stood in front of the open fridge in my bright pink penguin jammies, I saw a lonely little avocado screaming out to me so I went to work. Eggs (yes eggs but just give me a chance here) low carb sprouted bread and avocado. Simple, delicious and definitely a Sunday morning breakfast keeper. A key ingredient in making this breakfast fresh was fresh squeezed lemon and Tajin seasoning. I first found Tajin seasoning on our trip to visit my father-in-law in Mazatlan Mexico a few years ago and was delighted to find that is was readily available here in Canada.


Now back to the eggs. My hubby likes his food just so, well who doesn’t right? When it comes to eggs they have to be cooked so there is no “jibbly bits” but the yolk is still a little soft and gooey. Yup I said “jibbly bits”. You would think at 50 his vocabulary would have advanced by now but honestly it paints a good picture of undercooked eggs so I will go with it.

After a little research I found a great way to cook the eggs perfect with no “jibbly bits”. Separate the eggs before cooking and add the yolk after the whites have set a bit. BINGO, no “jibbly bits”! If the yolk decides to take a roll for it across the pan just hold it in place for a few seconds till it sets. You can then turn the egg for 10 seconds if you prefer it over easy but I prefer it sunny side up with a dash of fresh ground pepper.

I know many of you are thinking that bread isn’t low carb but this delicious bread we found from Stonemill Slow Crafted Bakehouse is delicious and LOWER carb than other breads at 9g net carbs per slice. The bread is also vegan, dairy free and has 5g of protein per slice. It is fermented in small batches which is also great for helping your blood sugar stay in check!


The avocado spread adds more protein, tonnes of healthy vitamins and a little healthy fat. This breakfast really is a perfect match. There is 4g net carbs, 8g protein and 5 Weight Watcher points per serving.