I am always in search for some new snacks. Something that is interesting and different from the ho hum of carrot and celery sticks. Crackers can be higher in carbs so you really need to do your homework and check the nutritional facts.

These cheeky little crackers are so crunchy and packed full of super seeds which makes for a very satisfying snack. They are lovely with a generous dollop of Laughing Cow Cheese too. We have tried their original seed crackers but these look and feel more substantial. You can see whole seeds in each cracker so the nutritional goodness is all there and there has been minimal processing involved in making this snack. They would make a healthy addition to a Charcuterie board and stay super crunchy in your favourite hot soup.

There are just over 1g of carbs per cracker so if you are restricted to the amount of carbs you can eat per day it is easy to add up the carbs. The Chia and Hemp are my favourite and also have the lowest carb count of all their Super Seed Flavours. As long as you enjoy in moderation this can be a satisfying lower carb snack.