I work in a Section 23 classroom for kids with acute mental illness. They are between the age of 12-18 and the program is designed to integrate kids back to school while earning a few high school credits and taking part in an intense therapy component. There are 8 students enrolled for 6-8 weeks and our team consists of a teacher, CYC (Child and Youth Counsellor), social worker, psychiatrist and me, the EA (Educational Assistant).

Today is the last day for the students and after the kids leave we have planned a end of the year BBQ gathering at the CYC’s house. Pool, fun in the sun and great food.

I offered to bring this fabulous salad, something out of the ordinary with a little kick. It was a great excuse for me to go out and get myself a new mandoline as I just couldn’t picture myself cutting those little radishes wafer thin by hand.

I chose to use a combination of multi-coloured radishes and regular red radishes. The salad is finished with delicate green chives cut directly from my kitchen garden.

There are 4.8g net carbs and only 1 Weight Watchers points per serving.

radish-orange-goat-cheese-salad-02 radish-orange-goat-cheese-salad-03