We don’t often have fancy desserts in our house as they are guaranteed to be high in carbs. Lets face it though whether low carb or high carb, desserts are still going to be decadent and not so friendly on the waist line this is why they are a treat and usually people don’t eat them every day.

I made this dessert the other day and it didn’t last very long. My hubby and I had a small sliver each but my kids and their friends devoured the rest in 2 days. Considering my 14 year old son is 6’4″ and 120lbs I don’t think he gives a second thought to his waist line at this point in his life.


I tried a few different combinations of sweeteners and low fat cream cheese but those changes just raised the carb count and didn’t make a huge difference with the calories or fat content. So lets just admit that its a dessert, its super yummy and yes we are all adults here and yes we can control ourselves. (snicker)

So with all that said a slice of this dreamy light cake is 8.7g net carbs and 16 Weight Watchers points. So if you are following the Weight Watchers program you could indulge and use up some of your weeklies or up your activity points. This dessert is worth about and hour and a half of heavy exercise.