I happen to live with the tallest cookie monster ever. Also know as my 6’3″ 14 year old son and his cookie of choice is definitely chocolate chip. So when I told him I was making these cookies he gave me a bit of an evil eye and suggested that they will have to go thought his scrutiny before I can pass these off as amazing low carb cookies.

He obviously heard the oven timer go off because he was up within a second of me pulling them out of the oven. (which boggels my mind as I usually have to call him 10 ten times for dinner before he hears me) Guess the kid has priorities and at times a mom just can’t compete with warm chocolate chip cookies. He carefully looked the cookies over (come on get to it already) and took a gingerly bite. He stuffed the rest in his mouth and grabbed another to enjoy in his man cave. I called after him (he heard me this time) and he answered, “Awesome! Better make more cause some friends are coming over”. Mission accomplished.


When making sweet treats like this is can be very tricky to get the balance right when using relatively unconventional baking ingredients. Cookies made from flour, sugar and eggs is not really rocket science but when you start messing with that well know balance things can go terribly wrong. I used agave nectar which is a liquid and adding more liquid means that something has to give elsewhere. Either add 1/4 or even 1/3 more dry ingredients or reduce your wet ingredients by the same ratio. You will also have to lower your oven temperature by 25 deg.


Make sure you keep a close eye on them as they cook. 8-10 minutes is all you should need but they could burn very easily.

There are 3.3g net carbs, 7g protein and 4 Weight Watchers Points per cookie.