In a world of instant cereals, boxed cereals, breakfast sandwiches and muffins it is hard to believe that there are actually low carb high protein breakfasts that don’t involve innocuous mixture of flour, water and yeast. For someone eating low carb this mixture is anything but innocuous. The more baked goods we consume, the more some people may start finding you resemble the Pilsbury Dough Boy. Sure I love to visit the local boulangerie or coffee house from time to time. (more so for the wonderful coffee, @tampcoffeeco) but to start my day low carb, high protein yummies is what puts real fuel in my tank.

So we have covered this before, Sundays are my breakfast day. My day to provide a smash up meal and this one was a lovely one. Be sure to get large avocado (not too ripe, but not stone hard either) to accommodate the entire egg. I preferred this very simple with a dash of salt and pepper but I could also see placing a teaspoon of hot salsa in the avocado before cracking a smaller egg on top. A huevos rancheros take if you will.

If you prefer your eggs a little more runny adjust the cooking times accordingly.

This breakfast would make an ideal pre-workout meal. There is 17g protein and only 4.4g net carbs.