I love refreshing desserts and this is definitely that. The combination of sugarless Jello and whipped cream blend makes for a sophisticated dessert. It reminds me a bit of trifle minus the high carb jelly roll and high fat custard cream. Don’t get me wrong trifle is delicious but its not kind to your squishy middle bits.


The sparkling Jello is nothing new really but as a kid my mother would make it with Sprite or Diet Sprite but this of course contained a lot of sugar or aspartame if you chose to go the die route. I used low sodium club soda instead. It is a bubbly little drink of nothing, no sugar, no carbs no fat, no calories BUT it does have 110g of potassium per can which is good for your heart.

If you and dairy don’t get along you can make a few simple changes to be able to enjoy this as well. Replace the cream cheese with coconut cream and the whipped cream with whipped coconut milk. Top with toasted coconut and raspberry puree.


The most exciting thing about this dessert is that there are only 3.7g net carbs and 4g of protein per serving.