Mexican food is delicious and high in protein but can also be very high in carbs. To lower the carbs in this recipe I used Pita Gourmets High Protein Pitas. They are lower than corn tortillas in calories and carbs and higher in fibre and protein. I also chose Tostitos Roasted Garlic Mild Salsa but if you can’t find this I would highly recommend you add garlic as it enhances the flavour.


You could also place these in a slow cooker if you need something fast and delicious to come home to but I would recommend using a very large oval crock pot (7 qt) so you can lay the enchiladas in a single row, otherwise you will have a bit of a mess. Personally I prefer them baked as they brown up quite nicely and seem to stay together better.


There are 35.6g net carbs and 9 Weight Watchers points in this dish and pairs extremely well with a simple garden salad with lime and olive oil dressing.