1023px-Brownies_with_floral_painted_backgroundRecently I put a challenge on Facebook to send me recipes for a diabetic makeover. This recipe was already decent in moderation but I made some changes to make it more diabetic friendly. I substituted the all purpose flour (Carb: 47.7g, Fibre: 1.7g, Protein: 6.5g) for soy flour (Carb: 16g, Fibre: 6g, Protein: 20g), 1/2 c sugar (Carb: 100g, Fibre: 0, Protein: 0) for 1/2 tsp stevia, yes I said tsp NOT cup, as Stevia is 300 time more sweeter than sugar, (Carb: 0, Fibre: 2.3g, Protein: 0) and finally, unsweetened applesauce (Carb: 13.7g, Fibre: 1.3g, Protein: 0.2g) for shredded, peeled and seeded zucchini (Carb: 2.2g, Fibre: 0.6g, Protein: 0.8g).

The result is a moist diabetic chocolate treat and only 2 Weight Watchers points! Enjoy!