We are in the beginnings of summer sports in my house which means easy quick meals to feed our budding athletes.

I had to take my daughter to a Rugby game in a neighbouring town about 45 minutes away and knew that I would not want to cook a thing once we got back. Not to mention it would have set dinner time back by about 40 minutes.In our house breakfast for dinner is a favourite and this one is basically everything for breakfast in one pot. Perfect for our busy yet hungry family.

I prepared the crock pot the night before so all I had to do was turn the crock pot on before I left in the morning. If you are planning to make this for breakfast prepare the crock pot turn it on just before you go to bed. Voila breakfast ready as soon as you wake up.

I used jalapeno peppers to add a little heat but this would be equally yummy with sweet peppers if you prefer less heat. You may also choose to add breakfast sausage or crumbled bacon.