I know, I know! You are probably saying BLACK BEANS, umm? Well I say YES, so listen closely. These brownies are gluten free, low carb (4.8g net carbs), high fibre, moist, delicious and only 2 Weight Watchers points. Coffee is used to off set any beany taste you may experience and storing them in the refrigerator will also helps with that if you still think they taste like beans. I guarantee if you serve these to people first then tell them what it is made of they probably won’t believe you.

Black beans provide special support for digestive tract health, and particularly our colon. From a single, one-cup serving of black beans you get nearly 15 grams of fiber, well over half of the Daily Value and 15 grams of protein, nearly one third of the Daily Value and equivalent to the amount in 2 ounces of a meat like chicken or a fish like salmon. The “protein-plus-fiber” combination in black beans and other legumes is also a key to their outstanding support for blood sugar balance and blood sugar regulation.

Be be creative with your toppings. We love crushed peanuts or other nuts which offers the added bonus of healthy fats and more protein.