When you are trying to eat healthy not many people associate baked treats with healthy lifestyles. Well why the heck not!!? Just like anything it all boils down to how you make it and moderation is the key.

When you are eating low carb walking into a bakery is like an assault on all your senses as you know that you can only look and smell but not eat..not fun.


It has been my personal mission in life to try and take all those fancy smancy desserts and treats that are a blood sugars mortal enemy and try and make them as low carb and tastey as I possibly can but without making it taste like more like the egg carton the eggs came out of. There may be some ingredients that you wouldn’t associate with baking like beans or zucchini but it is these things that help make these devilish treats look more like a healthy choice.


This recipe makes a nice moist pound cake with only 2g net carbs and 6 Weight Watchers points per slice.

I chose to use coconut milk instead of heavy cream as the coconut milk has roughly half the total fat and calories of heavy cream and no cholesterol. Coconut milk has almost 3 times the potassium than milk has which makes your heart happy.