Every weekend we go to Tamp our favourite coffee shop in the village square. They have the best Americano in town and wonderful treats. One of our favourites is a chocolate chip blondie which came highly recommended by one of the Baristas. She gave me a short synopsis of what she thought the ingredients were and I went with it creating our own. Although this recipe is not exactly like the one at Tamp it is pretty darn good.


So today I set out to make my squares and discovered that I didn’t have any cinnamon, seriously one of the key ingredients in the recipe and I didn’t have any. Ugh! Of course my mind starts going and I searched my spice cupboard…duh I have cinnamon sticks and a nifty little coffee grinder. Voila, cinnamon powder!

These squares are easy to bake and absolutely delicious! They are flourless and only 2.9g net carb and 4 Weight Watchers points per serving.


I used Liberte 0% Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt for its smooth texture and high protein content but if you are unable to find Liberte any thick Greek yogurt will work. It is also very important that the coconut milk you use is very cold so it has the consistency of heavy cream.