I don’t think I have met anyone that doesn’t like pizza. There is also so many different types of pizza that you are bound to find a combination you like. The only problem is that the pizza crust is ridiculously high in carbs and unfortunately there is more crust that toppings which makes is a carb bomb. If you consume one slice of a medium pizza (8 slices in total) you are packing in 24g of carbs. I would think that the average person probably has at least 2 slices which is 48g carbs and that’s not even taking into consideration the toppings.

This pizza crust is made of cheese and eggs, that’s it! Eggs have 0.3g of carbs and the cheese has less than 5g carbs per serving.

Now be mindfull of what you dress your pizza with. Meat is a good option as it naturally has 0g carbs and many vegetables  such as squash, greens and mushrooms are low carb choices.

This lovely little pizza will set you back 12.7g net carbs for a quarter of the entire recipe. It is yummy, stays together well and will satisfy you guaranteed!