This pasta alternative is gluten free, low carb and low cal. They take a little longer to make than regular pasta but worth the wait.

To make noodles for four I use 4 washed medium zucchinis. Using a spiralizer or a julienne peeler, pass the peeler down one side of the zucchini (including the skin) until you reach the seeds. Don’t peel past the seeds as the “noodles” will not stay together. Continue peeling on all sides. At this point you can either eat the noodles raw in a salad or cook them to use as pasta. Zucchini’s are full of a lot of water so I would not recommend boiling or steaming them unless you like your meal in a puddle of green water.

Place noodles on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel and place in the preheated 250 deg oven for 25 min. Under normal conditions, you would not want to place paper towels in your oven as it uses dry heat, which could cause the paper towels to catch fire. Since zucchini contains a large quantity of water, the paper towels will quickly become damp enough to prevent them from drying out and catching fire in the oven.

Remove noodle and press the rest of the water out using the paper towel. At this point I like to saute them in a little coconut oil. I find the coconut oil adds a tiny bit of extra flavour that is delicious with vegetable pasta sauce. Plate pasta and serve warm with your favourite pasta sauce.

For one serving of zucchini noodles there is about 6.9g of carbs, 0.6g of fat and 2.4g protein. So good!