Low Fat Low Carb Pita Chips

These pita chips are easy to make and very versatile. My personal favourite is garlic and parmesan but you could also make them sweet with a light sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. These chips are easy to prepare and have 70 calories, 5g net carbs, 1 Weight Watchers point and 5g [...]

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Beet chips

Everyone loves to snack but a lot of the snacks we like to have that are not so good for us. In a world of processed sweets and treats we are putting a lot of chemicals and fat into our bodies. Other than fresh veggies and dips it can be [...]

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Fruit Kabobs and Dip

This quick and easy snack that can be custom made for anyone even the pickiest eaters. It can be easily packed in your kids lunch box for an instant treat. If you are using a fruit that browns quickly like apples squeeze some fresh lemon juice on them before packing. [...]

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Bumps on a Log

I have taken the old school classic of "ants on a log" and upgraded it for a more adult snack replacing the sugary raisins with high protein raw almonds. Try using fresh churned raw peanut butter to avoid the extra sugars that are normally found in processed peanut butter. Raw [...]

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Laughing Cow and Rivita Snack Bread

Snacks are generally very high in carbs. It is easy to grab a sugary granola bar or a carb intensive toasted bagel as you dash out the door. Our favourite little snack right now is the Laughing Cow on Ryvita. Ryvita has many snack breads to choose from and differ [...]

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Eggs and Spinach

Lunches should be interesting and quick but I find you can fall into a rut of the same old, same old. This simple lunch is super easy, super fast and super high in protein. A perfect lunch that hits the spot quickly. Simply fry 2 large eggs as you like [...]

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Rustic Crisps with Jam

We have recently found this nifty little snack that surprisingly after an hour actually lowered blood sugar (in our case, but everyone is different so you will have to test and see for yourself). The crisps are Longos Signature Cranberry and Almond Rustic Crisps and the jam is St. Dalfour [...]

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