I love the versatility of a great salad especially when there a re a few different dietary needs under one roof. You can add and subtract ingredients at will and the salad still tastes awesome. The one thing I really loved about this dish was the dressing. It was slightly tart but full of flavour. Everyone around the table enjoyed every last bite. There was nearly a riot for the last bits in the bowl at the end. Not to self, double this salad next time to feed the troops.



Some tips to remember: Make sure you buy a ripe avocado. Stone hard avocados don’t have that beautiful buttery flavour the ripe ones have and they are a real pain to peel. Learned that the hard way. When preparing the lettuce, don’t cut the lettuce with a knife. The cut edges turn brown. You are better to tear the lettuce.

There are 3.4g net carbs, 17.1g protein and 10 Weight Watchers points per serving.