A few summers ago we took the family to New York City. It is such a vibrant and exciting city and I highly recommend that if you have the chance you need to go. We ended up staying in a great little studio apartment in the centre of Brooklyn which is equally as vibrant. We were lucky enough to get tickets for a great music festival in Prospect Park which boasted great music, lovely artisian food and the most beautiful display of fireflies all night long.



On the days we ventured into Manhattan we visited the East Village, walked the unique  High Line in Chelsea and enjoyed the most eclectic mix of food truck food I have ever experienced. My favourite food truck was the fish taco truck and I always told myself I would try to replicate that experience at home.

These tacos are lower carb than the originals. I replaced the flour with coconut flour, the cornmeal with nutritional yeast flakes and the corn tortillas with large leaves of Romain. I still added more shredded lettuce because I love veggies. You may choose to even use red boston lettuce to add more colour.