Last week I went with my class to the Hamilton Farmers Market. Whenever I visit the market I make a point of visiting a little old Jamaican lady that sells the BEST Jamaican curry powder in the city. This little woman is a real firecracker and if you ponder over her wares but don’t move along quickly, she will be sure to shoo you away from her beans quickly as to not block the view of the on coming shoppers.

I asked her for delicious curry powder and she gave me a zip bag full of brilliant yellow powder and I handed her my money. She had to give me change so she scrounged around in her massive purse. After dumping out the entire contents she finally located enough change and proudly passed it on and said, “dat the best curry” and she flashed her somewhat toothless smile.

Although this recipe calls for cumin I thought this would be the perfect dish to incorporate some of that wonderful curry I bought at the market. You could also substitute the cumin for turmeric.

This beautifully dense dish is filling and full of flavour. I used a very large portabello including the stem. Also, due to the fact that there is a lot of ingredience I would suggest processing it in stages with your food processor unless you have a very large one. I started with the mushroom and the chickpeas then the rest of the ingredients leaving the breadcrumbs for last. Just be sure to mix it well to incorporate everything.

There are 8.2g net carbs, 3.5g protein and 4 Weight Watchers points per serving.