We are at that time of year again when spring sports start up. My daughter plays for 3 (possibly 4 if she makes the Provincial team) Rugby teams, my son plays for the local soccer house league and I play for the city women’s soccer league. To say the least with practice and games almost every night of the week I need to be creative with quick week night meals. Tonight I will be watching my daughters game and it is a late start so I decided to throw this stuff in the crock pot for a yummy soup that will be ready when we finally get home.

As you know I don’t eat meat so instead of cooking the chicken in with the soup I decided to BBQ the meat and serve it to the rest of the family so I can keep the base of the soup vegetarian.

I don’t have a lot of time in the morning for prep so it was nice that this meal only took 5 minutes to get started. I roughly chopped up the onions and the Carribean yams (sweet potatoes) threw them in the crock pot and voila, done like dinner.