Yes, real men do eat quiche and they actually enjoy it too!

Quiche can be loaded with carbs and fat but with a few simple changes you can enjoy it low carb and virtually guilt free. Due to the fact that I am the resident herbivore I get very excited to see my family enjoy a veggie delight like this dish. If they cry loud enough, ok I may put some smoked ham in and have a veggie to myself but I proved that yes indeed we can live on veggies alone. I know it was probably the cheese that diverted a dinner disaster, but what ever works right? Well come to think about it, I did have to make two anyway as my son is not a mushroom fan AT ALL. This actually worked out to my advantage as there was enough to have seconds and bring some for lunch today. Not only is this deliciously filling but it is a very economical meal at about $1.50 per slice.

There are 2.6g net carbs, 11.3g protein and only 3 Weight Watchers points per serving.