From week to week I plan our menus. I only have one big shop to do at the grocery store, I know exactly what I am going to make and I usually look at my garden and I know what fresh fruits and vegetable I have available. On this occasion I had something completely different planned but for one i, it was Friday night, I wasn’t in the mood to make it and my hubby wanted something else. Usually this means a trip out but considering the haul from my garden usually includes over 4 cups of tomatoes, zucchinis the size of baseball bats and three or four large green peppers, sweet and hot, I knew I could wrestle up something. There was one condition, my hubby had to come out and help harvest our dinner.

To make the job even easier we decided on some frozen meatless meatballs by President Choice. I have always liked their meatballs for a fast curried meatballs or spaghetti and meatball dinner.

tomato-and-sweet-pepper-sauce-with-veggie-meatballs-and-kohlrabi-03 tomato-and-sweet-pepper-sauce-with-veggie-meatballs-and-kohlrabi-02