My kids gave me an excellent vegan cook book for Mother’s Day and I have been looking forward to trying them out. It can be difficult to find low carb vegan or vegetarian foods as they are all high in carbs because most of the meat alternatives are beans and legumes.

I went to work and made some alterations to make it a little more low carb friendly. I used Basmati rice cooked in vegetable stock for some flavour and added some nutritional yeast flakes to increase the protein. On the positive side of our little bean friends, there is a tonne on fibre so this brings the net carbs down to a reasonable number.

I would not consider myself vegan or even a strict vegetarian as I do eat fish and dairy from time to time but I did want to keep this little number gluten-free, dairy free, soy free and sugar free. I tried the vegan cheese Daiya and I was quite impressed and will definitely use it again.

If you prefer you could always use regular cheese if you are not concerned with consuming a dairy product.