My husband was born in Manchester, England so I think the desire to eat English style pub foods pumps through his veins. The only thing with traditional pub grub is that it is generally high in fat, carbs and salt.

Although I did use a traditional pie crust (I used a store bought one, you can make your own if you have the time) I substituted the potatoes for the Asian sweet potato which is lower in carbs and higher in fibre than regular potatoes. They are also white fleshed so they still look like traditional potatoes.

I prefer many of my vegetable not peeled, especially the potatoes. If you prefer them peeled then peel them but if not give them a good scrub and you will benefit from more fiber. A serving of sweet potato baked in the skin provides more fiber than a serving of oatmeal, with a medium baked sweet potato with the skin providing 5 grams of fiber. The same goes for those carrots. Many of a carrot’s nutrients are found in the skin and immediately beneath it. So get out your scrub brush and get rid of the dirt not the good stuff that the peel has to offer.

Don’t be fooled though. Pie crust is still high in carbs and fat so if you choose to eat this it is considered a treat and 1/2 a pasty is about all your middle will be able to handle. Brucan!