I love tarts but the crusts are usually loaded with fat and carbs which isn’t very waist line friendly. Sure there are fabulous crustless quiches and tarts out there but sometimes you just want a little flaky goodness. This crust is made of almond and coconut flour so it does react differently that your average crust. Be sure to keep a good eye on it while baking as the coconut flour cooks faster than all-purpose. I lowered the temperature by 25 deg as well.

I really wanted to “fancy” this dish up a bit so I thought I would add a savory glaze of mustard and slivered almonds. Asparagus pairs nicely with nuts and the low acidity of Dijon mustard. Although first produced in Dijon, France, Dijon mustard does not have to made in that region, provided it follows the formula that was first devised in 1865 by Jean Naigeon, a mustard maker from Dijon. In his smooth, brown seed mustard, verjuice—an acidic juice made from unripe grapes—was substituted for the common vinegar. Acidity slows the reaction that produces the intense heat of mustard, so switching to a less acidic liquid gives Dijon mustard a robust profile, intensified heat, and a more pungent flavor.

Today, most Dijon mustards are made with other low acidity liquids—most commonly white wine—and utilize the hotter brown and/or black mustard seeds. Its sharp and strong flavor can be used in most places yellow mustard can when you’re looking to add a more of a mustard-y bite. Dijon works especially well in vinaigrettes, mayos, and sauces, where a little can go a long way in developing flavor.

A slice of this lovely tart has 2.4g net carbs and only 3 Weight Watchers points per serving. Serve it with a tangy citrus and romaine salad dressed with white balsamic vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper.

asparagus-tart-with-creamy-ricotta-with-almond-mustard-glaze-02 asparagus-tart-with-creamy-ricotta-with-almond-mustard-glaze-03 asparagus-tart-with-creamy-ricotta-with-almond-mustard-glaze-04 asparagus-tart-with-creamy-ricotta-with-almond-mustard-glaze-05 asparagus-tart-with-creamy-ricotta-with-almond-mustard-glaze-06