Vietnamese food is so fresh and full of a huge combination of flavours and textures. Unfortunately it can also be loaded with carbs due to the use of rice and rice noodles so I substituted the rice vermicelli noodles for high protein, high fibre Adzuki Bean spaghetti. It is thin like the rice noodles and takes a little longer to cook but also adds another colour to the already colourful palate of the dish.

I used regular fish sauce in the Nuac Cham (Sauce for Bun Chay) but you can also substitute it for a vegan/vegetarian option. Be mindful that this will alter your calorie, carb and fat content slightly. For that recipe option please click HERE.

If you plan to make this ahead of time be sure to keep the sauce aside until ready to serve. Enjoy!!!

Adapted from: Low Fat Vegan Chef