I love to cook, just not necessarily everyday (yes I can admit it), but I do love to cook. Learning about the benefits of different foods how to put them together and the triumphs I feel when I have tried a recipe a few times and it finally works. Knowing that these recipes are making it into other peoples homes an on to their plates and inevitably making it into their tummies is very exciting for me.

Each recipe that passes through my busy little hands is researched and tested at our family table. I swear sometimes my kids feel like lab rats. Sometimes I get, “what the heck” but nine times out of ten the kidlets (now very busy teens) are actually surprised by what they get for dinner. To be honest I am just happy that my 14 year old son isn’t having Cherrios or Kraft dinner for dinner every day.

My daughter has her own collection of cookbooks and loves to cook (when I am not already monopolizing the space). She has a great sense of flavour and I see a little bit of me in her cooking. Recently she has taken to making homemade waffles and whipped cream. She had a sleepover last weekend, went out and bought all the ingredients and came home to get to work with her best friend. As she was preparing to make the whipped cream her friend couldn’t imagine how she was going to get fluffy whipped cream from a liquid. My daughter then went through the procedure step by step basically imitating the lesson I gave her years before. You may think this is so small but it was a proud moment. I have taught her the fine art of making fresh whipped cream but most importantly, she ACTUALLY listens to me. Jealous? Thought so!


So back to these little pancakes. Regular pancakes are made of high carb ingredients such as flour, refined sugar etc, etc, so that won’t fly for our resident diabetic. We have several savory “pancakes” here at Healthy Diabetic but I think this version is one of my favourites. I usually pair these with breakfast sausage for the family and a juicy salmon sausage for me.

They also make a nice appetizer and they are high in protein. Serve cakes with a healthy mound of Arugula and sour cream or our Aioli Dip.