We had a Post Canada Day party on July 4th (yes, Happy 4th to our neighbours south of the border) this year as the weather was less than optimal on July 1 and we were also up north visiting my mom for her 70th birthday which was July 2 (Happy Birthday Mom!). Anyway, the weather on the 4th was spectacular! It was about 28 deg and the sun was out in full force. A perfect day for a pot luck BBQ/pool party.

We had the usual hamburgers, sausage and hot dogs but I thought I would mix it up with a few of my more fancier salads. I wanted something more exciting than a everyday garden or caesar salad. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice salad no matter how you make it but this BBQ called for something a little more interesting.

I made my hubbys favourite 3 Bean Salad and this new little salad somewhat reminiscent of a coleslaw. The beauty of these two salads is I was able to make them the night before. I stored the dressing for this salad in a sealed jar along side all the prepared veggies and added the dressing just before I served it to avoid it getting too mushy.

I think this year everyone had the same idea as me. Our pot luck table didn’t boast even one potato or macaroni salad. Guess it was the year of the fancy salads!

There are 10.8g net carbs, 2.3g protein and 3 Weight Watchers points per serving.