I work for the local school board and am fortunate enough to enjoy an extra long Easter weekend with this Monday off. I spent the day going for a run with my hubby, enjoyed a delicious decaf Americano at our favourite coffee house then came home and spent a few hours raking the backyard and get a bit of a jump on the gardening. I know it is still early but with the time off I thought I would get a head start on it as we have a lot to do!

As usual I lost track of time and ran out of steam so having to cook a big meal didn’t exactly excite me but a hungry girl’s gotta eat! This one pot meal was super easy to make and full of flavour. The family got theirs as you see the recipe but I substituted the chicken for firm tofu for me. Other yummy vegetarian substitutions would be eggplant or a big juicy portobello mushroom cap. You could even go all out vegan and substitute the cheese as well for a vegan cheese like Daiya Cheddar Block “cheese”.


I was pressed for time so I didn’t make my taco seasoning. I just opted for the store bought seasoning which is a little high in sodium for my liking but considering you only need 2 tsp I let it go.

This will definitely be a dish we will add to our repertoire of fast and easy meals but I think in future I will add some tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream or Toffuti Better Than Sour Cream topping.

There are 5.9g net carbs, a whopping 32.2g protein and 8 Weight Watchers points per serving.