These omelets are so easy to make and very versitile. They make a nice brunch or a light dinner. I used two frying pans to make each individual omelets but one frying pan will do as you will be popping them into a hot oven to heat up again after you stuff them with all the goodies. Just make sure the frying pan you use is not too small other wise the omelet will be too thick. It should almost be as thin as a crepe.

In our house we have many different ways of eating. I am primarily vegetarian but I do eat fish (pescatarian), hubby is Type 1.5 diabetic (low carb), daughter will eat almost anything and my son lives primarily off Kraft Dinner, Nutella and Corn Pops. With this in mind it can make dinners a bit of a roller coaster ride but making the omelet this way made it easy to add and omit ingredients to please everyone.

5.2g net carbs, 33.4g protein and 12 Weight Watchers points.