I think spring might finally be here but my son is still in snowboarding mode. Yesterday afternoon was a balmy +5 but off to the local ski hill we went. The conditions were still good and the boys didn’t have to dress up like an Eskimo.


We were at the hill by 3:30 and everyone was out on the patio basking in the sun but because of the “heat” they only went snowboarding for about 2 hours and we were able to get home by 6:30 to make dinner. Considering I had a game at 10pm it was a nice treat to be able to take my time making and eating dinner.


I love cobb salad but I don’t eat chicken so I substituted it with shrimp for me and peameal bacon for the rest of the family who don’t enjoy shrimp. I was able to find very reasonably priced shrimp and super fresh produce at the market on the weekend so this dish was delightfully colourful and crunchy.

At only 14.3g net carbs and 8 Weight Watchers points this makes a great dinner or addition to a pot luck table.