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Pumpkin Spice Almond Cake

I love the change of seasons in South Western Ontario. The air is crisp and the leaves put on a stunning display of colour. It is also the start of [...]

Mexican Chicken Casserole

I am currently taking part in a healthy eating challenge on Facebook. Our family does eat very healthy but we have our challenges and I am always looking for new [...]

Spinach Soup with Hard Cooked Eggs

Like many vegetarians I have a bit of an issue with iron but eating leafy greens like spinach will definitely help along with the help of an iron suppliment. We [...]

Lemon Blueberry Tea Cake

I remember as a kid I would often spend the weekend at my grandparents and my Granma loved to take me to "The Club" for afternoon high tea while my [...]

Radish, Orange & Goat Cheese Salad

I work in a Section 23 classroom for kids with acute mental illness. They are between the age of 12-18 and the program is designed to integrate kids back to [...]

Healthy Living

Help! I need motivation!!

I know it can be difficult to find the time and the motivation to get moving. With work, family and life in general getting in the way it can be [...]

How healthy are “Health Foods” anyway?

Just because it's found in the health food section, doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy. Between the mainstream media, the Food Pyramid, the thousands of health blogs out there, and the [...]