BBQ Roasted Whole Chicken with Thyme and Power Black Herbal Salt


Our fantastic weekend started with a lively little event at one of our favourite stores in downtown Burlington, Ontario called Centro Garden. They are a store with an eclectic collection of fabrics, interesting kitchen items, lovely seasonal items and impressive indoor/outdoor garden ideas.

Centro Garden hosts a farmers market every Sunday 9-1 and this past Friday they hosted an event that boasted booths of many different local atrisians from coffee and preserves to leather, woodworking and live music.

We stumbled upon a lovely little collection of herbed salts from a wonderful Herbalista and Forager called It’s a Wild Thing. After a brief discussion with the kind people selling their wears I purchased their Power Black Herbal Salt. Delicious Atlantic Sea Salt with extract of young black walnuts.I knew I would be able to put these little black crystals to good use.


Sunday afternoon I decided to make a tasty roast chicken with thyme fresh picked from my kitchen garden and the sea salt. I prepared the chicken about an hour prior to roasting it on the bbq due to the fact that the salt is not finely ground it takes a little longer for the flavour to penetrate the skin of the chicken. I really wanted to take advantage of the unique flavour of the salt.


I tightly bound the chicken and thyme and gave the chicken a good rub with unsalted butter then the salt then let it rest in the fridge. It was too hot on Sunday to cook the chicken in the oven so we fired up the bbq and in about 1 1/2 hours the bird was done to perfection! I paired it with BBQ roasted zucchini from my garden, cicilian eggplant, organic carrots and red bell peppers.


If you are in Southern Ontario and you like to support local business like we do, pop into Centro Garden or visit them on line at . You can also brows the fantastic line up of foraged and homemade items from It’s a Wild Thing at

There are 0.2g carbs, 35.5g protein and 10 Weight Watchers points per serving.


BBQ Roasted Whole Chicken with Thyme and Power Black Herbal Salt Recipe

By kimmy Published: July 21, 2015

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Prep: 1 hr 5 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr 30 mins
  • Ready In: 2 hrs 35 mins

Calories: 389 | Fat: 27.3g | Protein: 35.5g | Carbs: 0.2g | Fibre: 0g | WW Points: 10



  1. Wash chicken well and bind tightly with butchers string.
  2. Bunch thyme and bind it like a little smudge stick. Stuff under the string used to bind the chicken.
  3. With your fingers massage the unsalted butter into the skin of the chicken.
  4. Sprinkle the sea salt over the chicken and rub into all the cracks and crevasses.
  5. Place in fridge for about an hour to allow the salt to penetrate the skin.
  6. Heat BBQ to 350. Place chicken in a baking dish lined with foil, cover and place on grill.
  7. Cook for about and hour and a half or until it is no longer pink inside.
  8. Remove from grill and allow chicken to rest for about 5 minutes covered. Carve and enjoy!
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