Every Tuesday night my daughter has Rugby practice which takes a lot out of her and she comes home famished. As she comes in the door all I hear is “I’m home, whats for dinner?”. When I told her meatloaf I can tell you that excitement didn’t ooze from her…until I said it has cheese. Then she smiled and went to put her gear away.


This meatloaf is a hearty protein packed meal very different from the way your granma used to make it. Packed with iron rich spinach, full flavoured feta and topped with a wonderful garlicky tzatziki (get the recipe HERE) it has turned into a gyro inspired dish. I also made my own delicious gyro seasoning HERE.

To lower the carbs I used coconut flour or almond meal instead of bread crumbs which also conveniently makes the meatloaf gluten free.

This meatloaf is 5.9g net carbs, super high in protein with a whopping 33.3g and 11 Weight Watchers points.

Kali orexi!